are you creating your own life?

You can be passive and accepting or simply realise life is of your making. Each and every decision you make is a minute or major adjustment in the trajectory of your life.  There is no way around that. Decisions matter. Values matter, company matters and what you feed your mind with matters. 

Going with the flow is like sitting in a rubber boat, while you storm down a river, or stall on a windless lake. If you have discovered your mission! You 'will' feel your power flow then. Do not be seduced by the tide of life, riding with the wave. If it is not your wave, leave that sea.

Go with the flow that is your decision, based on your values with the company you value. That flow will move in the direction of your treasure. The most complete you.

I love the fact that regardless of our genetics and history, we can develop so much more of ourselves as humans. We are like undiscovered veins of gold. So often we sit accepting of our fate and blame the world for our woes, when a simple adjustment in attitude can set everything right on fire and on target. How you react to your life determines the quality of your life. Do I sound preachy? Yes I guess so. You tell me.

The life you end up with is 100% your responsibility ARE YOU BEING 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE? DO THE TEST