Changing a belief is a transformation at the core of your life: realising you have A belief is even more challenging

The only real freedom we have in our lives is the one in our minds. No matter where you are and how rich or poor you are, your real independence is in your thinking. If you are thinking, ‘Oh not me, I have nothing to change’ then take a look at where you have pain in your life. Somewhere where things are not comfortable, or not working. Why do you never seem to reach your goal? This is where you can work to clear away the cobwebs; those beliefs are holding you in.

We take on beliefs about ourselves all through our lives. They come from religions and cultures and supportive and unsupportive environments. You can choose which you want to tackle.

   The first step is to realise that you are limiting yourself through culture or accepted beliefs.

   The second step is to become aware of what is limiting you in your life.

   The third step is ‘to go get em’.

   The fourth step is install replacement activities.

   The fifth keep going.



Here is a quick run down on breaking free from negative beliefs, or some, belief that has been hurting you. Let’s get the mind hammer and chisel it out. It’s not difficult as it’s a system, but you need plenty of courage and determination.


There is quite a lot of writing, but if you buckle down and do it. It’s only around 20 minutes. Just think what a difference it can make.


It only takes small steps consistently done to enable change in your life.