I wanted to put a last page here. Although last pages are always the beginning as they are followed by a new start. Commitment is like the final thrust of a punch in Karate. It's the summary of your determination, it's the cutting blade of your decision.

In a marriage or partnership, it is the determination to sail through all seas and seasons with your partner. To see it though and to constantly look for the good, fill it with imagination and strive to make it better. With jobs, career, family and friends commitment is what gives shape and solidity to everything you do.

It will carve and sculpt your character, career, and relationships. Without commitment, there will be no art, no compunction to try, no effort to build. A bodybuilder without commitment remains a body in a gym, a cook who doesn't care stays a  kitchen hand. This one word will shape your life. Commit to being the best you can be even if it hurts, its better than the pain of nothingness. 

With our work we have seen how vital commitment is. Without commitment people really do not get ahead. A marriage or relationship will not survive the ups and downs. A workplace is exactly the same. Commitment is a decision and an iron forged tool. It will get you through when nothing else will. Commitment bonded with discipline changes our world.

'Commitment is the path to greatness' I  turned that into a quote I believe it so much.