Get your dream in place and set your goals now right here

You are not a Sheep, you are not a goat, or a bird that must fly south.  You have a choice, you always have a choice. You can direct your life or be a pinball in the machine. But I am very sure you don't want that, or you wouldn't be here. Isn't that an amazing thing. When you start to search you find the answer. 

The wonderful thing about goals is that they are not dreams. They are steps toward your dreams. They are not easy but they are the navigation system that keeps you going where you want to go. 

Smart goals,because dumb goals go nowhere

Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time: 

  1. Specify exactly what you want
  2. Have a way of knowing you have gained it. Measureable.
  3. Attainable: Be honest with  yourself. Can you get there at this stage of your life?
  4. Realistic and doable. Can it be done?
  5. How long will it take to get it? Each goal needs a timeframe.

Plus the super secret ingredient. How and what will I do to get this goal.

A life with direction has purpose. A life without direction is a life purely of survival and bouncing reactively from external event to external event like a pinball machine. Most of humanity lives like this. We take the values from our parents and peers and use those as the measure for our lives. That measure determines in our minds how much we are capable of. But the practical truth is when we loosen the restrictions of our past, educate, and improve ourselves in the direction of our dreams far far more is possible. 

 Goals tied to dreams are the navigation tools of life. But reality underpins goals. This is not negative. We are given gifts each one of us, and when those gifts are not obvious it is our task to discover them. Let's not kid ourselves. There really are wild dreams, and no, you can't achieve everything you think of all of the time. But you can achieve wildly in the direction of your dreams if you prepare,develop new skills, and use the best you have, plus work with your values and that which interests you. Your dreams will pull you forward when you have a funk, or fall ill, or feel disappointed. The dream is your vision. When you have the basic capability and are prepared to work for them magic happens in the doing, and the making. We have that system, hard core, workable and will take you further than your dreams. But remember a goal must work. Let's set the standard.