Turn nothing into something right now

Life is imagined.

Its something we do everyday. You imagined the job you would have, what the colleagues would be like and how you would relate to them. You  imagined your partner, a man  you found attractive, whose voice resonated with you, he dressed well, was gentle and strong, perhaps your defender. You imagined your woman, a comforter, a friend, a companion, beautiful to you, you feel the smells, and see the walk. You imagine your partner in all ways, their breath, their saunter, or swagger, their energy and all the elements that trigger the inner you. This is life lived in our mind.  You imagine your dinner, you imagine yourself being super fit, looking beautiful, feeling strong. You imagined your perfect mate, and maybe you settled for less? Or you imagine yourself ill, and failing and afraid. You have chosen your thoughts and entertained them. This has created the picture in your mind, it has created your expectation of the future. You can do this consciously to construct the future you most desire.