We steer our lives through dreams and goals and sometimes we don't steer ourselves at all, but just go with the flow.  Motivation is that power source. If you are not excited by the life you lead, not much will happen, unless it happens to you.  Motivation drives us forward. You get excited about meeting a new partner, getting a better job, being the captain of your team for the recognition. About passing an exam because you know it is an entry ticket to the area you want to excel in, or you want to make more money. They all drive us.   Conversely there are the negative drivers, the forces of fear of poverty, or humiliation, of losing, equally powerful, which can power us to achieve. Both have a place in your life.  Have you looked into your life to see what powers you?  The power you unleash when you see what drives you is incredible. If you want to know yourself and understand what drives you. Do the test.