are your rituals good for you? Find out here


The routines and rituals we create in our lives often form a familiar structure that we build our lives on. But are they the supportive activities and rituals that really support us? Morning rituals, greeting rituals, drinking rituals, social rituals, business rituals, they form a basis in our lives.

We have often been introduced to them from an authority in our environment, or an influence which is perhaps no longer part of our lives. They form a huge  part of our existence. Often we live with them unquestioningly, they have simply fallen into place.  This page is easy, acting out the change isn't too tough either if you do it bit by bit. 

Its about  questioning your rituals. Looking at them and deciding whether they are constructive in your life, or not. Its also about replacing those rituals with new activities, ideas of things to do which perhaps you haven't done before. But have thought of doing. Now is your chance to explore. To create the rituals which will support you in the direction of the  person you want to become. But beware now  you are  able to identify the  courage will come from supporting and acting out the new ones. Here is way to explore just that: