personal discovery means there is no boss but you

There is no inner authority in your life other than you.  Any responsibility for your thinking you have given away to others, you can take back, to regain freedom in yourself. See the freedom test in the changing room.  But it's not easy. You have to 'work the message' and if someone told you no effort is  required. Its just not true. Like the weight loss machines that vibrate your fat away. Really!

We are social creatures and the communities and partnerships we have can benefit or detract from our lives. So it goes to say if you are not a healthy operating system how can you give the 'max of you' to the world? 

The truth, is we adapt to situations so it's far easier to develop yourself in a positive environment. 

If you are living in a negative environment, it will eventually make you sick. It's like eating bad food. The company you keep will nourish or poison you. Thoughts to me are like living foods which shape our thinking and influence our behaviour. Don't tolerate for longer than a  flash the negative thought when it flickers through your mind. Extinguish it with a pinch and move quickly on to the next thought of hope and positivity. Negative thoughts need to be extinguished immediately. A dream will give you vision to take you through the funks of life. We will work on that. Go to the changing room, and to be truly 100% enlightened, you have to become 100% responsible for your life. OMG that is so scary. But unless you challenge yourself to be the best you can be you will always be less than you dreamed. 

Enlightenment is becoming all that you can be
— The Navigator