Any thoughts you have about your future are probably true. They are what you make it. If you are thinking the same things in the future as you are now, then it will be exactly the same. So would it be true to say if you think and act differently, you would get a completely different result? The future is the action we take on our thoughts and do. If you don’t decide and you idly do, it will be the same. Bang, that’s it! You get the same thing. Until you decide to change it you will get the same story repeating. When you think differently, choose differently and act differently, your future will reflect your thinking. It’s up to you.

So let’s start now

I posted this to our latest coaching group and one of them asked "I am in agreement with your statement  My question to you is how does one go about changing the thinking in a different way to get a different or better result?"

My response after gasping and thinking was: 

It’s a really good question, and thank you for asking.


Lets look at these ways.


Often when we have to travel to a certain destination, we take the shortest route because we know, and trust it. We know the corners the traffic lights the bumps and holes in the road. The same road feels fastest, it feels safest, familiar and recognisable. We switch off and travel.


When we travel to a new destination everything on the journey is new and tentative. We don’t know the corners so we travel carefully. We look and observe with new eyes, we plan our route. We take note of the traffic lights and notice the holes in the road. We are open and focussed and seeing all the detail we can.


When we travel the familiar road with our eyes wide open for new situations and obstacles and ways to get there, we take a new perspective on our experience. If you want to switch this on in your mind, you make a conscious decision to look at everything in the perspective of it being new. They call it living in the present moment consciously. We change our reactions to things, take new angles on opinions and consciously look for a new  way to experience the usual. When you establish new habits like stopping smoking, drinking, biting nails, or running and exercising, these new ways become your new habits.


I hope that all clarifies.