Funny that. No matter what you think at the time. It always changes.

It's either in the little things you haven't paid attention too, and often is, or the measurable change you were hoping for. Though I think that is the hardest one to judge. 

Have you ever looked at a rough stone being washed by water? Eventually it becomes smooth. It's like looking at our lives. We just don't see it but the process of life does wash us around and sometimes even tumble dries. I am sure you have felt it; smooth. 

The point I am getting at is; I am looking for a way to refresh this site. Make it more poignant more impactful more effective. But for what? I don't want to change you. I have no vested interest at all. I want to create something, something that resonates that is fun insightful, and is perhaps a little of me that is universal that will help you on your journey. I don't want it to be teacherly. Though I know now after teaching Karate for ten plus years that is a hat I wear. But something of value, not a grand value with haughty pretensions. But an every day upper level of quality thinking simply by being a cut above the rest. It may not happen, but it is certainly worth a go.

So the Natalie Sisson thing was a thing. It's gone. I admire her for her need to be a star and as an independent spirit travelling the world as she earns.  That was those days.

The next entries will be 52 thrusts toward life. That is themes and goals and striving ideas. Till then adieu.