These are strange times. They are earthquake times. Yet it's calm today, no storm, no booming sounds and the earth throwing us around, but previous days have rained and stormed and thundered and shaken and frightened us. But you would never see it on our faces. Funny that; we humans don't like to show our fear. We feel fear is contagious. Perhaps it is, but perhaps it isn't but reserve and not wanting to appear weak prevent us from showing our fear.

Honestly the earthquakes were not scary in a superficial way as when they happen your adrenaline rises and you feel brave before you feel afraid. The fear comes from thinking, and I think everyone is having that. You mull it. What ifs. Is the house insured enough, what if there was a Tsunami, the inner city collapsed like they do in apocalyptic films; and it could. But it didn't. But in your mind it can. Where would we go? Why do we stay here? And we know all the answers and they are obvious and strong. But still there is the feeling of fear. It permeates us all on an unseen level.  

I talked to a good friend today whose office was close like many in the city. He is a big strong man and I could hear the concern in his voice. It's the voice of all of us. It is the voice of the considered, the thoughtful, the bright, the not so bright, the everyday human. It's a sound you never hear, that has no words. It's simply the sound of uncertainty no matter how advanced a human being you are.

When the earth moves we do too. It sits at the bottom of our thinking and smiling faces, and you know what. That's okay. We rise to the challenge or sink, we find the good, or we discover the bad, we strike new ground or we regret the old. But whatever position we take, it determines our outlook on life. Perhaps not forever but for the next wee while. It is certain to change.