Why is the template of goal setting so thrust upon us?

Life is a moving palette of colour that we continuously add too. We splash or we deliberately dab. Which do you do? I have a kind of a controlled dab with spontaneous swipes. However, if I look back there is a goal theme, something like a drive of direction.  Not always a tangible goal, like;' I am going to be a millionaire'. Which would be nice, but it is not really a goal, it's an end state. It's a result of having done something well, usually many times over. Or let us say we wanted a Rolls Royce but by the time you had the money, there was a hybrid electric version that could also fly. Would you stay with your old goal or adapt to the new. 

So I think goals are kind of crappy and can be stressy. They are definitely irritating but necessary. Life changes and so do your desires and as you reach one pinnacle in life another challenge may become far more interesting. So do you plug on the same course or change?

I think you adapt. A goal is a generalised desire in a direction. I hope that's not too abstract. It's an opportunity to discover your talents which perhaps you sensed you could realise if you achieved this goal. Or it's a feeling of success, or being better than others, or pushes the feeling of poverty, or failure, far from you. 

If you choose to be a big-time New York lawyer and make it your goal. What is your hidden agenda? Let me guess. A sense of power, helplessness is distant, your feel important, you influence lives and you control your own. So aren't the real goals those abstract elements and you need a tangible role for them to be realised. Would you feel and have the same tangible benefits if you had chosen another career? Power, control, important, influence, sovereign of your life. 

It doesn't matter what the role is, Lawyer, Doctor, Architect, Salesperson, Mechanic. We all need elements in our life to make us feel important and needed and healthy and wealthy and safe. So your external goals are and must be jobs, or ideas of things you can 'do' that can help those things come true. 

At least this is my experience of life. The tangible goals change, the intangible qualities you desire mostly stay. But if you accomplish one there is another similar waiting as a challenge. So for me its realising what I can do. What attracted me, what interested and what world I wanted to get involved in. The more I looked the more I discovered it was really a journey of certain aims. States of being, not in a ridiculous way. But feeling successful, wanted, healthy, safe, wealthy, knowledgeable. It's all subjective and objective because you need to feel right inside. That takes self-acceptance, you need maturity for that, and a lot also involves others judging you. Your bank balance is bigger, your muscles larger, your position more respected.

So its up to you and me, to establish the parameters. What do you need to feel about yourself? What do you need to do to feel that?

Then take action and adapt as needed. I think that is pretty well my take on goals. At least it hits traditional targets for a six. That's a goal.