Yesterday, I listened to part of a wild rambling by Gary Vaynerchuk, machine-gunning down his take on life. It was all about 'do'. The power of 'do' and how age is no excuse. His pitch is true, but not true because life is a rocket. You are a rocket. 

Life is a rocket ship that we launch and let go of in stages. Of course, we have the chance to restart our stages at different times in life, but we know that certain times are better than others for doing things. This sounds so prosaic and unfashionable as we are often told to reach for the impossible, that you have unlimited potential. But isn't it better when the timing is right, you get in the flow, you feel part of the crowd? 

The fact is that unless you are cryogenically preserved for a hopeful but at the present time very uncertain future, you are still mortal. So let's act mortal, go with the flow and live our best in each launch phase, as ultimately, life is a practical thing. 

We are born and we grow. Our bodies morph incredibly into fully fledged human beings. We have bodies capable of more than most of us can conceive. That's pretty incredible and it gets to a point when we actually don't grow anymore, except in our spirit and in our minds. Then it is up to us. The body needs maintenance through food and movement. Our minds grow through mind food and maintenance. The two belong and work together, like the partners that they are.

I used to think life could be explained in "Sevens". That is, through 7-year-stages of life. At 7 years old, you are a child with a child's thoughts and child's body good for things children do. 

At 14, you are leaving your child's body. It's as though we jettison a stage of life and go through the struggles of hormones and growth. At 21, we are young adults. Fully developed bodies and minds (although admittedly our minds can still be that of an infant). But young flexible minds, resilient, looking for direction. 

At 28, many look for a partner. At 35, it can be consolidation into a path of life, as it is often expected by society. Perhaps even children in the foreground, mortgage, strength, and trustworthy health. 

42 is a midpoint. Often people choose new careers, businesses, or new partners, a changing of the old guard and reaching for a new feeling of being alive. 

49, well I don't have a particularly good one for this age. It's more: "well buddy, you are responsible for everything that has gone on  until this point, so keep doing the same to get more of the same, or change". So it's time to tucker down, use history and work on your body and mind. If everything to this point has been tragic, then it's turn- around time because you are nearly at the end of the rocket stages of life. 

56. Well, that's the denial or acceptance stage. You know that biologically you are in the last quarter, so you really have to pump it. Mentally, you have the experience of all those years of trial and tribulation and "the world is your oyster". If you have been looking after yourself you already have an advantage and a little dignity with age.

63. Well I am not there yet, but its on the horizon. Dare I create an opinion around an age I have yet to meet. Yep sure. Like Gary. Everything till then will be the sum of your life. I guess as it is for me now it will be about looking to the future to focus on the happy things, the bits that make you buzz and the time to turn down negativity and people that make you fret. After all, you are in one of the last launch stages and who knows what is beyond the mortal coil. I don't and I believe very firmly in following your own mind. No other mortal does know what comes next. 

Let's live, go wild a little, acknowledging mistakes, correcting course and fly into deep space. You can chart your own course, and for most of us, unencumbered by the chemistry of stages and the social obligations of age, life is a rocket ship.