This is a bit of a sad one.

But the thought can also be so positive.  When my mother died hundreds of people came to her funeral. As I stood in front of this crowd of academics, and creatives, and intellectuals the only thing that strongly resonated for me was the effect, my mother had had, on life. I described her as being the one who threw the stone into the looking glass lake. It broke the water and turned it into ripples of itself. Mirror upon the mirror of effect. She did this with life. She created an effect wherever she went. You could feel her. She would enter a room and people would notice. It became more pronounced as she grew older.

 She had a way of engaging particularly with women and getting directly to their souls. They would say she could read them.  There was a time when a good friend of the family went through a breakup and came to see my mother. She was taking her afternoon rest perched in bed with a book in the old bedroom. When the young woman came in and told her story she just listened. Her response was " Lie down her beside me and just rest". To be honest that is all I remember she said. But that woman was allowed to be herself, uncritically accepted and welcomed. She moved on strongly from that relationship looking back but not in pain.

We are the thrown stone. Your life has an effect on others. If you are negative bitchy and arrogant it will cast that shadow. If you are accepting and welcoming you will have that effect. It is not my opinion it's so bloody obvious surely it's carved in stone somewhere. Karma as the Buddhists would say. Obvious you might think. 

So when you hurt someone and attack them or criticise them at home in the workplace anywhere in your field of life. You are hurting more than them, you are hurting those close to them. You hurt their world. When they are unhappy and hurt, their families hurt, their health hurts. Their friends, parents children, partners are hurt. When you care and demonstrate care, and love and show it. It radiates out and helps all those close to them. 
What do you choose to do?