Something that has always fascinated me is 'beauty'. Not your simple interpretation of beauty but how it can wrap us up and spit us out and we still stay enchanted. I mean the kind of beauty that turns your brain around, gets your hormones spinning, then all of a sudden it's gone. 

Well, that's one form. I met a couple from Puerto Rico on the top of a pyramid in Mexico. In the Yucatán. It was one of those mysterious forms that no-one has really found the reason behind. It just exists and fascinates us. The steps are really short, and there are many, and some are a little crumbly. I wasn't at my best when climbing them, and each time I turned around I wondered why I was doing it. I could reassure myself this was the adventure of a lifetime, after all, they were thousands of years old, mysterious and full of treasure. I left that gold behind, but what I did discover was two humans who were incredibly physically gorgeous. I couldn't believe it, and perhaps I shouldn't have. But I was young and open, as I am now to the newness of life.

It was a young Puerto Rican man and his girlfriend. I remember looking at his teeth and thinking. " How can they be so impossibly white? And perfectly formed" The lips the cheekbones the eyes. There was fine detail there I had never seen before. Maybe because I come from rough Scottish-Irish stock, or it genuinely was incredibly refined. He had muscles too, big ones and clear finger nails, the white moons shining clearly. My mother always said the crescent moon at the bottom of a fingernail indicated your health. He must have been stunningly healthy. I was dumbstruck. His girlfriend however somehow dims into the background. Funny as it was not a sexual thing, it was an appreciation of a human thing. Dumbstruck.

It's happened one other time in Budapest. I was out with a good English friend of mine and a few expats. We were in a bar called Oscars near the Castle. There was a group of very tall very elegant women who had been doing hostess jobs in the day. They were accompanied by tall males who made us look very small. Back to the woman. These again were extraordinary beings physically. I had never except in Mexico seen this impeccable flawless beauty. Stupefying. They were redheads, brunettes, blonds and raven haired. The same thing; this flawless skin, ears that looked designed and carved, lips perfectly pouted with no help at all. Blindingly white teeth. Taller than me. I am now 179 cms and shrinking. A muscular kind of fit and healthy. But you know what stood out. The whites of their eyes. There were no blood shot lines, no faults just this clear setting for two eyes that looked right at you, then the teeth dazzled you, and inside you fell over. 

Honestly. I felt at that time there was another race on earth. The beautiful people. But as John reminded me, the central Europeans and eastward are this wonderful mix of many races and bloodlines. All combined to form a shocking kind of immaculate beauty.

There is a secret something else to beauty. That's the " when I really like you" or " I see so much good in you" kind of beauty. It's the kind of beauty we see when we get close to someone and begin to love. It's the seeing of good in someone and the vibration that sets it all alive. It's magic dust and fly's off sometimes and returns when you are happy with each other again.