This really bugs me. I have been doing Karate since forever and going to the gym for quite some time. (cough cough). No not a muscle bound fiend, though sometimes I dreamed of it. But I do dream of being really fit, really strong and really capable. My goal, as I get older, is to be stronger and more flexible than I have ever been before, and that includes my twenties! It's not an easy road. Change isn't easy. New rituals habits and growth aren't easy. No-one said it was, but that's not quite true. Many have said it is but from where I stand it's not. Its struggle it's determination, it's discipline, its application. 

So how come people I see at the gym or at Karate or in life, simply don't improve. My take on this. They don't commit. They just do it. Just doing it isn't doing it. It's like flapping hands in the wind. It takes effort, life takes effort! It takes commitment, attention to detail, interest, and push. The push to make things different, to shape them how you want it. That's growth. Growth doesn't come from doing the same thing each time. It comes from altering and adjusting your intake and input, by taking an interest and being committed.

Maybe that's why I see people in the gym with weak bodies doing things weakly. That's a ritual that's guaranteed to keep you weak. With a grunt and a groan you can turn things around, grow, become stronger. But you have to say " I do".