I have a confession to make. I haven't been paying to attention to what I have been preaching. I've let little disappointments get on top of me, and some criticism weigh me down. Plus to top it off I have sinned the most heinous sin of sins. Compared myself to others. This really should be written in the confessional of life. This is a no no, it's a painful no no.

The funny thing is, it's secret, normally. Your face doesn't twitch you don't get a nasty smile, there is just a dull glow in the back of yours eyes which says defeat, not a huge defeat but a little one that weighs heavily on your mind, then your soul, and when it's there, life becomes heavier.

So my advice to you and to myself is to wake up to the miscreant mind. To listen to the good Angel figure the one you can make up that sits on your right shoulder and says " don't compare yourself, you are strong, unique and look at all those amazing things you have accomplished. So here is the solution and I write it as though its famous.

"Only compare yourself to your best and worst  you"

You are your best solution and the change maker in your life. Now get out there and do those push ups.