I kept feeling it today. For all the years I have lived, how can one really distill the wisdom? What defines it? We all live till the time that's allotted to us but not all of us absorb the wisdom. Not all of us learn.

I lived in London in the 80's and was doing my washing in a Laundrette in Kings Cross, WC1 where I was living in a Squat. I remember watching and listening to an old Londoner talking about life. I was 24 and I remember feeling and thinking by the way he was swearing cursing and blaming life on everything but himself really disappointed hearing an old guy (like me now) blaming the world for the problems he had. 

Today I know it can be better than that. The steps we take, the receptiveness of our minds and our ability to learn, and that when we want to can turn our lives around. He had never made that decision. 

But we can. We can learn at whatever age and stage to improve ourselves by adding skills, choosing thoughts that will make our lives work rather than thoughts that put blame on everyone else. Just a thought.