How observant are you of your first impressions?

The first time you met someone, their handshake, the tilt of their head, the look in their eye, the colour of the shirt. Somehow it all worked. Or the person you couldn't see, but talked on the phone with and something in the tone of their voice wasn't sincere, or was patronising, caught you off guard, and alerted you. But you weren't sure why or what for. But first loves, first looks, first atmospheres, are like the first taste of a meal.  It's when you are most receptive. No guards are up, and you are open with all senses to experience the first taste of the moment.

You know absolutely in that first bite of food in a restaurant, and all your senses tell you, it's good or great or absolutely terrible, or simply edible.  The next two bites are exploring and testing to savour further. After three you really know. You have a slice of that food, that moment, that atmosphere. It can change later, but that brief first taste you had predicts the future from that moment. If the fundamentals remain the same, that is the perfect slice. 

Have you heard of the Iching? The book of the Tao of life.  Each time you cast the sticks or coins, it captures a moment in time. A slice in the passage of time and its hexagrams are stories around those moments. 

Your experiences felt in the flash of time reveal true feeling, true and instinctual responses. When you take notice of them you waken to your real opinions not?