It's something we do all the time. In fact living unconsciously is often when we relax. It can be the only time we relax. But living unconsciously when you need to be active and thinking is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

The Auto pilot

It's as though there are two selves. The auto pilot, is something like the autoimmune system the reflexive actions of our bodies which keep us living. It needs no conscious attention and miraculously does the job of keeping us alive as best it can. We get cold it lets us feel that and we seek warmth, we feel lonely we seek company, we feel pain we avoid it. Internally the body strives to heal no matter how badly we beat it up. 

The conscious pilot

This pilot is our awake self. When we turn on our concentration and make a decision to focus we can outdo all of nature. Because doesn't nature and the animal kingdom only work on auto pilot? Trees grow to be as tall and as strong as they can be. Animals strive to survive to their strongest without a thought. Only humans can consciously reject activity, reject responsibility or achieve more than ever thought possible. Build empires discover the very codes of life in genetics, produce and do more than ever before. 

The secret pilot, the Navigator

I think of the secret pilot as our inner guide. Not always there and mostly quiet. Our inner tutor the teacher within. The wise self. Only when our auto pilot is busy looking after our bodies, and our conscious pilot is distracted, can we listen to the voice of in-tuition. The tuition that comes from within us. Our internal Navigator. Do you listen to your Navigator, the quiet one? In the stillness of morning, in the half sleep realm you can see the visions your secret pilot has.  How do you listen to your secret pilot?