A Daughter's example

When I see myself reflected in my daughter I don't see my weaknesses, I see the interesting bits of me made better. She somehow takes the ideas I have and hones them, adapts them and makes them hers. I just can't stop looking at her in amazement when she is not frustrating. I may not say it, but I am thinking outloud to myself. What a good idea.

For example I  don't like sugar. It's a wonderful thing that is so addictive that it is added to just about everything, and makes you fat, raises your blood sugar and just has no place in a healthy lifestyle. She doesn't touch sugar. Listen, I mean she is just about to turn 16. Can you do better than that? A food consciousness at 16, it's a set up for life, a healthy life. I see in her a strong and disciplined practice of the things I know and preach are important. With compounded actions this leads to a wonderfuly healthy life.

There are some funny important other things. NLP, Neuro linguistic Programming, sure you have heard of it. Programming your mind through the words and gestures you use and accommodate in your life. She started her own programming. I really should make a video of it. Extraordinary.

When she was little and she needed to remember something she would bring her fingers together on her forehead in a pinching action and tap. This was her way of getting information together drawing it close and putting it deep into memory. Another was to wipe something out of her mind she would draw her fingers across her forehead to take the thought away. Like a worry.

But perhaps the best of all was a secret I am sure she would let me tell. Bad people had stop signs on them, good ones have green. You don't go close to the red ones and you can approach the green. That was all some time ago. But the ideas still stand strong.

How awesome is that!