Funny how life works. I was chatting with a friend today about relationships, when I had a moment. An enlightening moment. A little realisation that everything really is logical. It may not make you happy immediately but it will and very quickly.  Listen to this. Everything has a reaction button. If you change the button and push the pleasure button you get pleasure if you push the pain button you will get pain. Why does it take us sometimes so long to realise this? Because we treasure ourselves first without realising that we are the triggers to making change in our environment. We are either the solution or the problem. 

They say you can't change anyone else but it's not true. 

So this is what you do. If you want to be in control of your life and get the peace and fun you want in relationships, you will have to change yourself. It's as easy as making the decision. When your partner asks you to make the change consider yourself lucky. You got feedback, many partners just get angry and don't  define what they need. But when your partner tells you outright, consider yourself blessed, you have just been briefed; and even if you think they are the ones who need to change there is one golden truth. It's a new truth. 

By providing a different stimulus you get a different reaction. What's the bonus? They change too

Be grateful you got the feedback. You know what to do. Look around you at examples in life. Snarl at someone get snarled back at. Smile at someone get a smile. If you want something you ask you don't demand. Who responds to demands? Only the very afraid.If you shove you get shoved back. So to get what you want.

What do you have to do?

Listen to the feedback, consider yourself lucky, be grateful knowing things will get better, swallow your pride, and change yourself to get what you want. That is everyday transformation with the power in your hands