Sometimes things just flow. Sometimes they don't.

Taking a step back and reflecting is  good medicine for life. When we are continually reacting and reaching out for confirmation and ideas the world sometimes just says no. It's a way of saying get back in touch with yourself. Perhaps a rehearsal of goals, or perhaps you can do more to further your goal. By doing  prep-work on a project your build an infrastructure in yourself. It's like a solidity of certainty. Because life can get so busy with many odds and ends we need the people we meet to create space in our lives not to add another task.

So here is the art of meeting people and staying in flow.  Do your prep work. The preparation works internally and externally. You will exude that readiness, and confidence. Life works it's auto flow mode for those who are prepared. But you will struggle to find the flow if you have not done the work.

Work on yourself, on your project and expect everyday to flow. Because it will.