When you are feeling good, you feel indomitable. When you feel second best you feel easily defeated. 

I was having a conversation about Lululemon clothing today with an employee there. They send the girls and boys out clad in their clothing to different Fitness outfits in the city. Mobile marketing on the floor with the sweaters and grinders. Looking super good after 45 minutes of limb thrashing pounding to the rhythm of the group. This is totally interactive advertising living the promise of your brand. The conversation rolled around Fitness style and then quite quickly hit on personal acceptance. In our city there are two dominant gyms. Both quite hardcore, the rest honestly not really worth mentioning. City Fitness and Les Mills. The latter a pounding humming palace of floors with themes. Hardcore aerobic, weight lovers, combat wannabees. The reception is intimidating. It's a universe of good looking people staffed by perfect teeth, round and toned bodies, and flawless skins. But there is also something else. A pride and veneer of  being in the better world, the more beautiful world. The world you need to look the part of.

The thing is: Our bodies are our own. We create the look, we create the feel and health  of the bodies we inhabit. A gym for me is a work out space with tools. I go there in whatever clothing to 'work' my body. It's my biology that concerns me. It's heartbeat and muscles, sinew and tissue. It's also a place to lock out the outside world and focus on your breathing and the pain of doing something that involves growth and change. A body is designed to be stretched and challenged and it can take most of what you chuck at it.

So when you walk into Gym and feel less than beautiful, take strength in knowing that you went there, you are working it, that it is your 'biology' your 'body' that is a work in progress, and progress is a wonderful thing. Keep doing it.