Sometimes the clamour of life and tasks just drowns you

Inside the vortex of a crazily busy life is a still you. A calm you, a reassured you that sits in patience by a pool of stillness. When you chance upon your face in the mirror of clarity and see your good self, a relaxed self, calm and confident. You see your true you.

It's in these shards of moments that we see ourselves objectively. We catch ourselves looking really good, or really sad, and in that moment  we see ourselves as we are to the outside world. When our minds are so full of doubts and uncertainties sometimes its refreshing to see ourselves as others see us. 

How can you do that?

Choose an angle with a mirror that shows your other side. The side you can never see. A mirror reflection of your reflection. You see another you, the you others see. Its the you that has been hidden. Study yourself. Do a little critique, its amazing what you find. Look at the clothes you wear, the way you hold yourself, your shape your colours. Enjoy the view for it's one of the only times you see the real you the world sees.

Make a decision. Change what needs to be changed and enjoy the rest.