The core of it all is that we don't need so much. But like children in the lolly pop store of life, we keep bringing things in. Ideas and techniques that we think will help us get closer to our goals. Or closer to our needs. It's that satisfaction drive. I need that it will help, so lets add that one in.

I am sitting here in Budapest in our old apartment. The balmy air soothing and the day beginning to warm. Cars ripple down the cobbled road sending corrugated sounds into the living room. It's now dead quiet again.

It's simply so good at different times to not have to engage in the smorgasbord of our todo lists. I checked my email and saw how many I simply dont read. I dont have time. The people interest me, their professed experience entices me their enthusiasm amuses me.  But today in the  heat of this other world, my previous incarnation I simply do not need or find attractive the overwhelm. 

The #otherlife filter is on, and I know I can turn it on and off when I want to. Is the magic of controlling our lives, and the inputs we choose? It's easier to do when you change environments. But it is only easier because I am choosing to do that. By putting on my #otherlife hat I can filter in this world and filter out the other. It's wonderful. I know I can do it whenever I choose to.

Are you choosing to filter your life?