I know you know that but just in case you don't.

I have a confession to make. I am not perfect. Ha ha I know you, but to make the point. I struggle to make the ideas that I write here to happen. Not always but frequently enough to humble myself. I often read advice from people who really seem to know the essence of life. I mean they know 'all' the answers. If I compare myself to them I feel really really slow and unevolved. But if I don't and I accept myself the way I am, warts and all as they say I feel pretty good.

The point is and perhaps also the question is that the perfect advice givers are not perfect. It's a road being travelled. No answer is definitive it's shades and tints with shadows of how you interpret and apply knowledge in your life. I feel I am often giving advice here and not applying it to my own life but I try and am getting better. That's the honest truth and I don't think there is one digestible truth for the mass of humanity. It stems from cultures and traditions looking for answers and control.

What I do is invent solutions and create answers as I apply them to my own life, I am not channeling some super being except the essence of humanity and the values I have adopted and find universal, and sometimes that wonder of life which is what we all have. One of the miracles of life is being able to think for ourselves, being able to speak our thoughts to people who are open to hearing them.