How brilliant it is that we rest on the seventh day.

For five days we can really pump it. Focus on our goals. Get things done follow our dreams develop our plans. Negotiate and construct our lives. If we are looking after ourselves, eat well, sleep early before midnight, priority our needs before those of the workplace. Learn to be great leaders by being receptive and contributing and nurturing and nourishing. Caring for our families and growing and learning through friction and love and lessons we learn at all ages and stages of life. 

But on Saturday. For us at least family comes  together. Its time for the things you don't have time for. It's little adventures and being allowed to be tired. It's a big dinner if we want to. It used to be out mate hunting, partying looking meeting and greeting and hoping. Now exploration takes a different path. A route of discovery with hobbies and reading and films and ideas. 

Sunday has a completely different personality.  It's begging to be stress free. It's personality is full of be you, be us, relax, breathe in, breathe out, be aware of nothing but the mist of Sundays blessing. The call of a fire in the winter a beach in the summer, being able to sleep too long and wander in a dressing gown till lunch or longer. 

Sunday is just so damn well designed and fixed in our calendar. its just about perfect.