I am writing this tonight in response to a blog challenge from Natalie Sisson.

I will add links here to reveal all. She is a young woman with strong ambition and a very accomplished grasp of the intricacies of earning a living with a web based life. I admire and respect her. Let's get that straight. Not a worshipful way, I don't do that. But a human to human way when you can see that someone is really good at what they do. As a karate man that's an OSU with a short bow of respect. As a human, it's a thanks Natalie this is really good.

Here we go. My three biggest challenges. Oh crikey, this is scary or is it. I think the scary bit is thinking that life is a smorgasbord and you can help yourself to anything. Its always been like that for me. So many interesting things so much to do so much excitement and so much uncertainty. 

But life has moved on and feels so much shorter now. I really feel the push to enjoy the next 20 years; and much of that is because maybe there will only be 20 years. It may seem long to you, but I am so age sensitive now. I have done six lots of ten.

Done the 50 years ago. " It's School and its so confusing"

Done the 40 years ago 'life is an adventure let's go and see it' .

Done the 30 years ago, ' I need to discover what I am really good at'

Done the 20 years ago, ' find a woman for life and have a family'

Done the 10 years ago: Do something different and recalibrate.

Now at now. OMG there is probably around 20 years left based on the history of my parents and average life span. I have no problem with that. But 20 has now become 19. That is nothing. It's ticking even as I write. It's evening the day has gone. Yikes.

My three greatest challenges right now: Planning the next 20 years. Anything after that is a bonus. 

1. Income streams that make me happy and pay the way.

I have decided to go and sell Real Estate. Quite some time ago when I was miserable and at the height of my advertising career I would see market sellers hawking their wares. They had simple lives not lives of continuous idea generation, which was my job. Plus I loved talking and could communicate with almost anyone if I met them on an equal footing. It's a mindset kind of thing. I loved the idea generation but I love the communication more. My friend David said, " you can sell anything but if you sell an Ocean liner you only sell a few for 3% and you don't have to work for years. Or you can sell a bag of nuts, and you have to sell thousands. So I have chosen houses, and I am a student again studying the law around selling property. Looking forward to starting around Christmas.

Number two in the earning streams ambitions and is a real challenge for me. Is: Since we got to Noo Zilund I have been thinking of earning online. It's an independence thing and a future thing. Recently I was back in Hungary in Budapest in the balmy  heat of summer. I was invited there for a promotion in my karate life which is now more than 30 years. It was while I was there, in our old city of 20 years that I realised how good it was to be there. To be there and to be a mature man. Not a girl hungry man as I was in my 30's but a man man. A mature male, I find the word old difficult to roll off my tongue. But okay, older. It was the contentment on the older people, the easy slope of life and the acceptance of age I could feel. I sat in the outdoor market with the 'oldies' and let myself have a beer. I sat a  table with a 'oldie' drinking beer and smoking. You know there are very few of us NZers who smoke now. It's so passe. And on my right was a younger man reading a book in English: ' How to write your business plan'. The one beer put a lens on the afternoon, well not really, but it was wonderful. Then one day on the way home from the thermal baths where I had soaked out the city heat, to our apartment I met an old friend who had just been to a Yoga class beneath the Castle. She said to me in Hungarian " Oh Julian the yoga here is so good, and it's only $1 a class'. She was just beaming and  her friend, the older man, ha ha a couple of years older than me, a handsome hungarian spoke American English with a thick husky voice seemed just as pleased. The summer heat slows everything and  city quietly hums.

It was in that moment I decided. This is just so good. Lets make this happen. Lets live between Hungary and New Zealand. Summer to summer. That's the goal that's the challenge. For that I need an online income stream. That is wrapped into challenge number 1. Thanks Natalie.

Challenge number 2. Health and strength.

When I turned 52 or around there I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. It made me angry for a couple of years. I am not angry any more. But I am scared of it. It's like a shadow that follows you around but if you stand in the sunshine long enough you can burn it away. Maybe. I think it came on after a nasty divorce,  a falling out in a business partnership, and my mother dying all in the same year. Those were really really hard years and I don't wish them on anyone. Some of it preventable and some not. I put on weight got miserable and angry. None of those helped.

I am now a muscular god. Nope not that. Just joking but that's how much work it takes and I know it. I know now what I put in my mouth changes the way I feel, changes the chemistry of me. I know too that a moving body that has pain is better than a body that hasnt moved and has pain. It's prouder body that walks out the Gymn than one that slept all day. So that's that part really. The work it takes to be as good as you can be without stressing yourself out to be better than can be. Ha ha. We work to make life better.

Challenge number 3. To be able to say no to myself.

 That is to say no to myself. Not another idea you have to do Julian and idea that needs to be given shared or let go of. Sowing ideas to the wind. I did it for a living, and it's so hard to stop. Now I do it because I do it. My challenge is to cherry pick. To accept the choices and work with the ones I am happy to work with. The goodies maybe not the millionaire makers, but in spirit the ones that shine. Learning to say no to myself and structuring my time to get the one I choose done. That would be an accomplishment of gold for me.


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