The second day of the Natalie Sisson 10 day blog challenge. 

'Write down a reason for why you want to live the freedom lifestyle. Bonus points if you can figure out how to make a positive impact in the world by living this lifestyle'.


Why oh why art thou? This is my response. Life is incredibly short but often seems incredibly long. When are engaged and interested it feels as though life should last forever and we could bask in the excitement of those moments.

When I think of a Freedom Lifestyle, it’s more that I can be everywhere without moving. That sounds terrible. But it means my reach into the world from where I sit regardless of where I am has no limits. I can talk to timbuktoo, my family and friends in Budapest, or feel that I am sitting in a Cafe in London. All from my wee desk at the edge of the world in Noo Zilund. This freedom is the ability to earn from anywhere. Right now that is in New Zealand while my daughter finds her feet and before she literally flies out to the rest of the world.

I love the access to the world and people that interest me and the subjects that stimulate, that my corner of the universe is not just down the road but its down your road a 1000 kms away if we choose.  That is just amazing and true freedom.

Plus you know what true freedom gives: An independence of thought a freedom of spirit and in that freedom you change lives in the most simple of ways: By being yourself.

In five or so years I would like to live in Budapest again and that means getting an income stream going that I can maintain from anywhere.

The time to start that stream is now.


#10DBC #freedomplan