Day 3. My response to Natalie Sisson's perfect day.

You too can do the challenge:  Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

I stretch and yawn as I roll my body idly round in the bed, becoming aware of how rested I am and ready for life. The Duvet is soft and fluffy and cocoons me in an envelope of warmth. I am aware of my wifes’ movements around the room. She is an early riser and the sounds are unhurried, as though happy, getting on with the things that are important to her. It’s a good sound. I retreat into my head, and half thoughts, of the semi formed world, and scan the day ahead of me. 

The important features of the day bubble up in my mind and I scan them, rehearsing the challenges, and skipping through the easy things.  It is the things that interest me that engage me. There is no overwhelm, no thinking ‘ oops you have taken on too much’, it’s a quiet confidence.  

When both feet touch the floor they feel confident and grounded, pain free. My body stands and unfolds and I can feel the work my muscles did the day before and they are ready to move again. 

My daugher is up and in School Uniform ready and confident and feeling challenged. We all dawdle around eating our breakfast. All of us eat protein and only I drink coffee. A light coffee.

I stretch then get ready to take my daughter to School and myself to the Gymn. A 30 to 45 minute workout that pumps my heart and challenges my muscles is awesome for me. I feel like a thinking mind in Tarzan's body. A lithe living being. A good shower after exercise is a tropical tonic. Feel ready to begin the day.

If there is time I like to read a little Jim Rohn, whom I admire and check my goals and work on my self development. Which means reflecting on the past week and looking at the next.

If there is any work to be done on our Bed and Breakfast I like to get it done, the beds made, the sheets clean the space ready and shining. 

Then I like to fully concentrate in 25 minute spells on the things I am doing. It can be admin, writing, or learning.

At the moment I am am writing the outline for my online courses, and studying Real Estate law. One to get me face to face with people and the other an investment in my future that will take me anywhere. 

A perfect day is one that hums. It’s not a perfectly smooth day, it’s a day when I see things happening and I know I am extending and challenging myself. Its when my family are happy with their challenges, and confident in themselves knowing that life gets better by embracing it.  The challenges are overcome or ways are found around obstacles or they simply disappear which they often do because you just imagined it. 

In the evenings that I teach and the karate session really hangs together the students love it and feed that back to me. Then back at home we relax chat for a while eat slump and I play with ideas, but turn everything off one hour before bed, stretch read, kiss my wife good night and sleep.

It’s simple but that’s my perfect day today.