Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

My daughter is the best at this I know. Where she got it from not sure, maybe her Mum she’s pretty good too. But me. A little of that, a little of this. But that isn’t completely true. Sometimes. But the core issues get handled, mostly. Gulp.

Here are my three most desired focus points, now I let you into the depth of my life ambitions.Plus I use the Pomodoro timer and love it for 25 minute bursts.

My online world

 My future online earning vision which I am starting now. Is starting now. I am building a course on Teachable on how to set up and run a profitable and fun airbnb. We have been doing it for years.

My offline world

I am in study time and do time before Christmas. I need company I enjoy company and I enjoy the human fusion. That’s the real estate training. Law it is right now. Because if I have a client with a question I need to be able to deftly answer and to keep them feeling comfortable and informed.

My creative itch

Writing a book. It doesn’t have to be rushed but I want it done and in the can. Its priority number 3, in the stack. I am learning how to use Scrivener as I have chosen this as my medium to compose on. It really does take some learning.

Man at home

Lastly but interwoven are my responsibilities as being the man at home. Being the driver, cook when needed, which is pretty frequent, cleaner boy, personal shopper, delivery man, Dad.

It’s good stuff and I am lucky to have it.

A good clean day for me goes something like this:

Wake up










Cook clean make fire

Teach Karate if its on.

Relax, family, social media,


This is fun: #10DBC #freedomplan

This is fun: #10DBC #freedomplan