This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

Well all have super powers. Sometimes you may not be aware of it,and other times you may. Are you good at teaching, listening, assessing analyzing, presenting. What have you been paid for, really enjoyed, and others have said you are good at? Mine or at least the ones I know of are quite simple. They make me happy, fill me with a confidence and I have been paid for using them. 

My first superpower:

Telling stories and communicating. Good at great at and enjoy. One of the things I love about being me, is my ability to get to know almost anyone. I just find making the connection as simple as 1.2.3. Take a person as they are, talk to the the person inside them, show you like them by finding the good in them and Bobs your uncle open communication lines. I love that. The face to face connection with people.

My second Superpower:

Is ideas, as a Creative. For years I was paid to create the narrative of a product or service. Take something to the market in an entertaining way that would changes habits and stimulate an interest. I loved doing that, and still do it. This is the world of Advertising. Though its changed from its hay day of Mad Men its core is pretty much the same. 

Thought to mind through writing through images and words. For me it’s storytelling and conversation. My background advertising and ideas generation. That was my strongest suit. Make ideas then communicate them through picture ideas and words.

My third Superpower:

Combining these into a constructive life I love. 

I enjoy, movement, dancing, karate, exercising, meeting, listening, curiosity, mental freedom, writing, and the infinitely interesting subject: People. 

My daughter thinks: Ambitious, “most people at your age would be thinking of retiring”, loving, good basic values, teach good life lessons, good values, “ old school” committed. Whew.