#10DBC #freedomplan This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

My tribe:

I have often thought about this as we either join tribes or create our own. I am more of the create my own type. Oh yes I have joined tribes, but when tribes develop an ethic or a dogma you don’t enjoy we are generally able to leave them. There are tribes everywhere; not simply ancestral but tied to our values and perceptions of life. Then of course there are the religions. There is comfort and safety in tribes and of course back up. 

My tribe members are the people I surround myself with. The people I respect or whose company I enjoy, who make me laugh and make me grow. They can be old and young, they think for themselves and they are constructive in their lives. My tribe is their tribe and our tribe is a thinking active tribe of intelligent people carving their niche in life.

If I could choose Mentors:

There are two humans I really admire both for very different reasons and qualities. Though I am sure that although they look so wildly different from each other. Their inner lives are remarkably similar. One compliments the other. They represent my ambition and my core values. Both took action in their lives and acted on their thinking to become remarkable.

The inner life man:

Jim Rohn.  Although I have taken a very strong interest in the spiritual side of life at different stages, nothing really hit the spot. Perhaps Buddhism to a larger degree, it’s philosophy still resonates as one of the most practical and insightful philosophies on earth without being a controlling religion. Then there are the Masters of this world. I met many in the 80’s and quite honestly they were not masters. They were men sometimes woman on a growth a curve of self discovery and sharing their experiences. 

But this one. Jim Rohn. Shocked me to the core, as what he did in himself, and what I can learn and anyone can benefit from is a timeless practical wisdom. It drills down into the bedrock of life in a respectful self responsible manner. You are the life you choose to create. It wasn’t just a resonance I felt when I met his work, it had become a firm conviction long before I heard of him. But now I know. What wouldn’t I give to be mentored by a man who could give so much practical everyday wisdom. I would love that. His inner life perhaps reminds me of my fathers. Though my father would never have spoke of it. His mores of living practically with learning and a responsible self to create value in the world will never cease to amaze me. All respect. 

The man of Spirit

Plus while we are here there is one perhaps less practical but infinitely wise soul who lived in another age. Who could breathe the deeper essence of life into verse. Kahlil Gibran. His understanding is the vision of life and it’s whys from a soul born wise.

The outer life man

My last. Not a huge amount older than I but a decade. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I like the physical I always have. From the teenage years to now. I liked the spiritual and I liked the physical. I found my physical self in Martial Arts. Now Arnold was not a Martial Artist but he was the epitome of muscle and as time went on he became an artist of muscle. I had plenty of opportunity to watch his public self. His early films when muscles weren't fashionable and they began to catch on. It was when I caught a glimpse of his attitude  that it influenced mine forever. There was a short article about his time shortly after arriving in Hollywood. The story goes something like this. ‘Arnold walked into the office of a Producer in a large Hollywood production Studio. When the producer said to him “ We have no kind of role for someone who looks like you” Arnold replied in very typical fashion, you have to imagine his accent       “ No, I am not looking for a job in your film, I am looking for you to build a film around me”. Thus Conan was born.

It was this risk taking, banking on himself attitude that shaped my 20’s. It still does decades later. I love that ‘walk in and do it attitude’. Create it and the audience will come. He built many businesses, build his body, married into a good family, loved women, became the Californian Governor and contributed his life to life.  A richer life.

These men. If I could have Mentors. I would have these men as the pillars of learning for my life.