This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7

“Procrastination and Overwhelm are two sides of the same coin, and their only purpose is to keep you stuck in the place you are. But here’s the secret — any time you feel either of them, it’s an indication that you are on the right path” Natalie Sisson

Waiting for perfection.

Have you ever felt that? It’s not good enough yet, not perfect, wont work, it could but you are not sure. So you don’t do it and yes there is so much more to learn, and you just sit there in your mind stuck in that uncomfortable place called Overwhelm. So into the room comes Procrastination. “ I will just put that one off for a while yet, too much to do, know and act upon.

This reminds me so strongly of ‘Waiting for Godot’.

The two men who wait at the roadside for their third companion who never arrives. They can’t decide what to do till their companion is there, so they do nothing.But when their companion arrives surely everything will change.  But they do talk and discuss the world around. Nothing happens.

I really love Natalie's description. In a way it sums up the essence of why we don't get things done. Fear of not doing things properly and any consequences we imagine. It stops us from meeting people we fancy or are interested in and our minds invent a thousand excuses. A thousand cuts of pain from goals unmet.  “ I am not good enough, I can’t do that, I don't have all the information” You know this situation and I do too. The human mind throws all kind of ‘be careful’ ideas at us. Fair enough too. Life is often a survival or it used to be. The truth is that with these ideas of businesses we give ourselves and goals we set the same rules except with ‘being completely ridiculous with money’ obviously don't apply. 

My system

A leap of faith. Now don’t think for one iota of a second I am a Superhero. Aha I knew you knew, just testing. But courage doesn't come into it. A leap of faith does because you trust the action you take will not destroy you, it may possibly enhance you. 

So you step up to the line

Then do it. That means jump. All of a sudden you are plunged into this abyss, that isn’t. It goes and works you stumble and fall, pick yourself up, and find you have more energy. That what you have now started has a shape and your goal is slowly being modeled into the form  you dreamed of. Now that's very romantic. Plus it is the way I do things. I have never been a brave man. I prefer to rip the plaster off quickly rather than bit by bit. But when you know what's coming, and you have the courage you can start the project bit by bit. But till then, and I am talking to myself. 

Rip the plaster off and get it done.

What is the biggest one for me right now:

Going to Teachable at a fixed time every day and instead of researching till it drives you crazy. Just follow the template. Hold my breath and do. What’s my lesson. ‘ Rip the plaster off’ Yes I know I started with waiting for Godot. So let’s quickly look at that. You wait for a certain time, then you leave and do what you have to do.

Life is too short to wait for Godot and not to just get on with what you decided to do. 

That's it.