Adventure Sunday This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

It was a wet Sunday. Not just wet but a sodden Sunday. You could feel the rain sticking to you. When you walked a thousand drops jumped on your legs, like suicidal ice blocks. Little softly melting chunks. It was spring cold today. We decided to do a movie. Family day out with a friend. Perfect day for a film. Tuck into the middle rows in a warm cinema and while away the hours. Our heads in a perfect space listening to someone else's story. 

I didn’t get the take ‘a selfie bit’ till this night so will post another. I didn’t age too much since the last ice dump and the rain has dried off. So what did we see? I loved it. Laughed my head off in different parts and gurgled in delight. Another romance. 

Bridget Jones Baby.

Six rows from the front sandwiched in and the cinema was full. Renee Zellweger has changed so much. I kept looking at her face and comparing it in memory to the previous Bridget Jones. It’s a beautiful face now, not just a chunky friendly one. Its sculpted and her body is too.I could see the age in the thinning of her hands. The fingers slightly brittle. Are those cheek bones shiny? More prominent? The lips look the same to me. But she is now aquiline, almost a model. Elegant and quite a difference from the woman that was. She has had double earrings in her left ear, i can see the old scars. So not all is hidden. It is high definition film after all and in many ways its high definition life.

I have often puzzled on plastic surgery and the before and after pics. This time I can’t find the tags that let you know. She just looks so different. Modern confident and the walk of a beautiful woman. Whatever she did worked wonders. 

That little family and friend adventure on a wet Sunday will evolve. It will evolve into other Sundays with friends, new and old. There is always a new story and soft discovery waiting in turn away from routine. With friends with family and on our own. It’s worth marking these on the calendar for me. 

We used to travel north to do hot baths for a weekend. Or walk for days with my daughter. Find a film that everyone will enjoy though there is no guarantee. Spend the whole day in bed, though I have never managed to accomplish that. 

But in a month of Sundays looking for the next adventure is a tonic to life.