[Day 9] Location Independence.#10DBC #freedomplan

Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Isn’t it an amazing word ‘freedom’? It means so much and sometimes It’s meaning is so different from what you expect. When I was a young man living in London I separated from my girlfriend at the time. I had this feeling of amazing freedom. Really light really free. I rang my Dad in New Zealand and told him. His response was “ Julian, freedom is a relative thing”. I immediately plonked back to earth.  Yes it is relative to your situation and your choices. Freedom to think your own thoughts, freedom to wear the clothes you choose, to eat the foods you choose, and keep the company of the people you choose. What an amazing thing is freedom of choice.

For me freedom of location will look something like this:

Budapest in summer. It’s heat is pummelling outdoors, and indoors fans are on and air conditioning hums. Daily routine is something like the Wellington rhythm. The major difference is language food family and architecture. Come to think of it. That’s huge. But the pulse is the same.

Wake Up and it’s warm. Work out in the morning and swim. Walk do Yoga, read. Go to the market to pick up food. Spend time after siesta buckling down to a good two hours of writing content Skyping or Facetiming, answering emails. Then wander out to events either in the Castle, down by the river, or with family and friends. Budapest really pulses during the summer so entertainment is literally live in the streets. Work is blended into life. If we are away for the week in our country house it’s garden work and palinka making with two hours writing content and checking emails in the afternoon. 

That’s my freedom.