Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

It's the finale. I can hear the curtains parting and the bloggers in this challenge all step out to front of stage and bow. Quite simply the audience reaction is thunderous. The clapping never seems to stop. I am clapping too. Hands are getting sore. It may be time to make some decisions. 

What did I love the most in the challenge?

As I was writing this my mind was quietly mulling on what I enjoyed the most in this challenge. It wasn’t the days as individual challenges, or getting them done on time, or the different topics.

I just simply loved the writing. It was absolutely brilliant to be given the task to write about just anything. The act of thinking and creating it with words. Wonderful.

The bestest bit

If I had to cherry pick the most stimulating topic, it would have been, now let me see: Finding your tribe. You see I have had a thing about people choosing their tribes. Self assembly tribes of the people kind. You choose who you hang out with. This Sisson tribe has been awesome. I can bring my tribe here. That’s a tribal kind of thing. 

The biggest takeaway

Is that the dreams you have for creating your better life, are for nothing if you don’t take them to reality. It’s that action thing. It can also be the decision thing. But that big thing is choosing and doing. At least it is for me. OMG here we go action man. See superpower figure in tight leotard. Or maybe not. 

Next steps.

Well obviously they can’t be tentative, because tentative steps are feeling testing steps. It’s time to put the boots on and kick the idea into existence. It feels a lot like jumping off a Skyscraper, and the preparation feels like the walk to the top.

Its jump time boots and all.