It is the things I create that give me the greatest pleasure.

I really enjoy making fermented foods. It reminds of a place in myself that yearns for simplicity. A back to the roots kind of feeling, when life is simple, recycles itself and we create what we eat and drink. To extend that; it's simply the pleasure of touching base with the fundamentals of life. With food, I wonder can I create a bigger connection? A primal real and evolved sense of self,  a connection with such a fundamental aspect of life. What we eat. If life is pure chemistry which it appears to be, then the dynamic transformation of the things we eat and drink is like life itself.

Tonight I drank from the plums of the tree of friends, I ate of the bacon I made though it had travelled from Finland. That intoxicating mix of salty cured pork, and the plums now fruit essence in alcohol distilled, are a relaxant and a tonic.  It's the fusion of elements of life and existence combining in tastes to make the most wonderful experience. Of the earth but touched with humanity, and the evolution of thousands of craftspeople's skills who refined and perfected and I learned from to make fermented foods: The process of changing things to alter them, to bring them into another existence. Is it like men and women that with our fusion we create new worlds?