In 1981 I went through an existential crisis as I know it is called now, questioning the very core of my existence. They key questions that frustrated and eluded me. Who was I, what talents did I have? Why was I here? It was a search I recognise now as a personal quest for self enlightenment.  I questioned and questioned and sought out every idea outside of myself I could find. I did the rounds of the London Mind Body Spirit world, Raja Yoga, Silva Mind control, Open the heart seminars, Druids, Ley line hunting, Reflexology, Macrobiotics, Buddhists, positive affirmations, Transcendental Meditation, and even the dreaded Scientology. It got to the point when I needed to consult an oracle, with every single decision that I made.I used the I ching. It was nuts and driving me nuts. I've probably missed quite a few. I furthered my study of Karate which I had started in 1975 all this time. Went to Japan lived outside of the Dojo and learned to fight. Strange thing to do? For me the path of the warrior gave structure and discipline to my life and the search that I was on.

I studied film but still wasn't content. I was ADHD and needed a variety of ideas to stimulate me, and multiple projects. Sitting in a McDonald's just off Leicester Square in London feeling quite miserable about where I was going and what I was doing in life, I wrote down on a napkin a simple sentence. I summed up everything I wanted to do. " I want to make ideas from creation to completion". This simple sentence I wrote on a napkin turned my life around. Looking back now I can see how those words gave my life form and focus. The simple act of writing them down and distilling them into one very abstract but definite idea. I found the outlet and medium for doing exactly that. Advertising. I applied and did a creative test for Ogilvy and Mather and started a week later working as a Creative. My goal became to be a Creative Director. This role was the ultimate master of ceremonies, you make the idea then oversee production. It was wonderful. So began my career. I worked in a number of advertising agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi, and Ogilvy and Mather, lowe GGK in Europe for 20+ then started my entrepreneurial journey and established an independent agency with a colleague of mine. Many years living the Mad Men life while being a dreaming creative. Karate took a back seat. It's now in the seat it belongs. The foundation of my physical self and now my 30th year and the holder of a 4 Dan black belt in Kyokushin Karate. 

The thing I noticed of all the Gurus and wise people overall was that they were all human (even the Karate Masters)  Vulnerably human. For all their talk of superpowers and transformation. They still got tired, frustrated, colds, or angry, ate the wrong foods and didn't fly in meditation. 

In the end I began to get angry at the nonsense ideas that are thrown about. In that anger I chose to trust myself. It was in that trusting that I realised  for me one very important thing. You and only you are in charge of your thinking. You can take advice, you can act on it, or not. But every single little event that you encounter develops who you choose to become.

Gosh I'm past 60. Somehow I never thought it would happen, but life has this way of continuing on whether we like it or not. It just happens. But every decision we make on the way determines our character, our vision and our footprint in life. I am a Karate based Martial Artist of more than 30 Years, having lived in Japan and studied there and an Advertising Creative for more than 25 years. My challenge and mission is to apply the principles of life, of creativity, of the warrior spirit, to helping people find their inner niche and the strength of knowing and understanding themselves. It's been my challenge and now it's my challenge to help you. 

Reach out for what you want

This site is an introduction to the life coaching, motivation seminars, and all the ideas and principles I have gleaned from life in the last 60 years. It's a space to reach into, then reach out to me and my colleagues for coaching and inspiration, courses and ebooks. There are fundamental life manual principles and worksheets, where you can begin the changes you want in your life. Take from it what will encourage you to grow in the direction of your dreams.