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'THE CHANGING ROOM IS your private space for transformation. CAN YOU REALLY BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE?' 

Not on a mountain top, or in a group class, or in front of a Guru, or in a religion from another time and age, when there was no or little knowledge of how life works. 

How on earth can we as humans take the words of men as the rules of life, and yes it's only men, not women, who told us the rules of life. But there are truths. I have sorted through the ideas of life, the great philosophers, and thinkers for myself and added in my own, to create a  philosophy of sorts that takes us beyond the acceptance of "oh I am just that and can't do more" to  something far better. Far greater, not in terms of conquering the planet, but creating a life you can be proud of. It's not  unreachable. You don't grow wings, and you don't  spend hours in front of the mirror looking at yourself and saying " everyday in every way I get better and better" because it will not, unless you take action. 

Make some changes, and take action in your life and  experience  the reallisation that you can be all that you want to be in your life

I describe it as: 'Everyday Enlightenment. The best for your family, yourself, your friends, lovers, husbands, wives, children and colleagues. 

It lies in you, your life, your perspective.It is the beginning of your search and the end of your search. It's all about you and your fulfilment and your contribution to life. The answers have always been there, but often lie unheeded littered before and behind you in your life of trial and error.

In this site we dig into the things that make us tick, that stop us ticking, that really make life work, and how to get that certainty of flowing confidence you have when you know it is just that simple and true.

It's practical and if you use the principles and apply them: You will live your life to its fullest and utmost and be the best you can be. That is the goal of this site.